Honors English III 2017 (Always go by author and title as we might have different page numbers)

Week 1 9/11-16
  • Monday: Expectations; course overview; discuss the amount of reading; wiki/blog/email. Pep talk on time management; adjusting to college pace rigor. First part of hmk: click "comment" on the blog post and write 5-7 sentences in Standard English. Here's the link:https://digitalcrowsnest.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/community-happens-whats-your-take-away/
    Second part of Hmk: Read the handout: Winthrop A Model of Christian Charity, pp.166-67, 175-177; Bradstreet "Here Follows some Verses..." pp 232-233; Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands..." pp. 430-434; just charts (or table w/dots) and text around that in Franklin's Autobiography,pp. 534-535, 539; Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer, Letter III only, pp. 605-614. This PBS documentary, God in America, may help w/Puritans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40M1vM5HhjA Review minutes 12-32 for Puritans.
  • Wednesday: Academic Honesty. Review Early American Literature authors. Review blog comments. Community Text. Hmk: Read Hawthorne's short story, Young Goodman Brown, in Vol. B. Let's always look up title and author in the index and move forward). Time managment tip: get started on The Scarlet Letter, too.
  • Thursday: Write 40 minutes handwritten essay (AP style prompt) This AP style prompt combines this short story with Foster's How to Read Literature Like a College Professor; review both prior to assessment. Discuss Young Goodman Brown after the assessment. Introduce The Scarlet Letter. Hmk: Read Chapters 1-6 of The Scarlet Letter in Volume B. NB: you do not have to read The Custom House Chapter on your own; I will summarize this in class.
  • Saturday: More #GrwothMindset pep talks on time management continues in context of first week. "Try your best, forget the rest" mindset to diminish stress. Discuss first seven chapters of Hawthorne's novel and its placement in American romanticism. Hmk: Read Chapters 7-12 of The Scarlet Letter. Begin creating one AP style multiple choice question (click on AP Exam Wiki Page for handout). Prepare for next week's vocabulary quiz on Unit 1 on Thursday.

Week 2 9/18-9/23
  • Monday: Discuss The Scarlet Letter, chapters 7-12. Hmk: Read Chapters 13-19, of The Scarlet Letter.
  • Wednesday: Discuss The Scarlet Letter: Hmk: 1) Read Chapters 20-end. 2) Argue in a blog post about the best AP free response topic for The Scarlet Letter. 3) review vocabulary unit one. Add your comment to the blog by 9;30pm on Wednesday night for a small technology grade. NB: invest quality time and energy into this process as you are actually pre-writing elements of your upcoming paper! Your review of class notes, engagement in class, and taking your own notes are the other pre-writing elements.
  • Thursday: Vocabulary Assessment Unit 1 (Types of questions: fill in blank; reading comprehension, multiple choice, compose sentences showing meaning). Discuss The Scarlet Letter; American Romanticism. Work on The Scarlet Letter 4-6 page essay (due next week) Thoreau “Resistance to A Civil Government” in NAL(b):
  • Saturday: Discuss Thoreau; American Transcendentalism. Read Walden in NAL (volume b), Chapter 1; review from Honors English I: Walden Chapter 2; Emerson's Self Reliance essay. Prepare for next week's vocabulary quiz for Unit II.

Week 3 9/25-9/30
  • Monday: Unit II Vocabulary Assessment; discuss Thoreau & Walden and AP multiple choice questions. Read Chapter 3, 16, 17, and 18. Create one AP style multiple choice questions for Walden.
  • Wednesday: Hand in The Scarlet Letter paper in class on Thursday. Discuss Walden. Hmk: Read Dickinson poems in NAL(b): # 214 "I Taste a Liquor," #324 "Some Keep the Sab.," #441 "This is my letter," #709 "Publication is the Auction," #1129 “Tell all the Truth…". Create two multiple choice questions for Dickinson.
  • Thursday: Hand in The Scarlet Letter paper in class. Discuss Dickinson, American Existentialism; poetic devices; the American Aunt for modern poetry. Hmk: Read: #712 "Because I could not stop", #465 "I heard a fly buzz", #258 "There's a certain slant", #67 #280"I Felt a Funeral".
  • Saturday: Discuss Dickinson, etc. Hmk: #249 "Wild Nights", #1624 "Apparently with no surprise", #216 "Safe in the Alabaster", #754 My Life had stood".

Week 4 10/2-10/7 (Parents Weekend approaching)
  • Monday: Romanticism; Transcendentalism; Dickinson discussions in class. Read more Dickinson in NAL(b): #1732 My Life Close Twice; # 449 "I Died for Beauty; # 632 The Brain is Wider than the Sky. I will also consider Dickinson poems of your choosing. Just email the class folder your selection.
  • Wednesday: Discuss Dickinson more. Introduce Whitman. We'll give the Figures of Speech Quiz. See word document w/all the terms for the year. Hmk: When Lilac Last Bloomed, pp. 2282-2288; Song of Myself, p. 2210--2254, which is a poem of 52 sections.
  • Thursday (following the special schedule ahead): Write 40 minute essay on a Dickinson poem that we did not discuss yet in class. Hmk: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, pp. 2263-2267; Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking, pp. 2267-2272.
  • Friday morning class instead of Saturday: This class is dependent upon special schedule. Stay Tuned. I may make a Whitman blog post, depending on depth and direction your conversation takes in middle of the week with Dickinson and Whitman. Hmk: A Noiseless Patient Spider; Re-read Song of Myself, sections 51, 52, which are important! Prepare for next week's Figures of Speech Quiz.

Week 5 10/9-10/14 (Returning from Long Weekend)
  • Monday: (long weekend) take hike in nature as if you were Pearl.
    Discuss more Whitman. Here's a link to a blog post which will expect folks to comment on by Wednesday night, 10pm.
    You can read ahead and still enjoy (if you prefer) Melville's short story, "Bartleby the Scrivener."
  • Wednesday: Sit for the PSATs on Wed. the 11th. Get some good sleep. Discuss Whitman. Hmk: read “Live Oak, with Moss.”
  • Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 3. Discuss Whitman. Read Part I and Part II of Melville's short story, Bartleby the Scrivener for next class.
  • Saturday: Discuss Melville and juxtapose Whitman. Reading Hmk: Read Part III and Part IV of Melville's short story, Bartleby the Scrivener for next class.

Week 6 10/16-10/21
  • Discuss Whitman and Melville's long, short story, "Bartleby the Scrivener." Vocabulary Units 1-3 quiz. Review slave narrative genre: Uncle Tom's Cabin excerpt; Fredrick Douglass excerpt; beginning pages of Toni Morrison's Beloved.
  • Wednesday. More Slave narrative and introduce Twain: hwk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) Intro – chapter 6. This reading is in Volume C edition! Huckleberry Finn is also on the internet.
  • Thursday. Celebrate American Realism more. Discuss Huck Finn Opening Chapters. hmk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 7-13
  • Saturday. Discuss Chapters 7-13 of Huckleberry Finnin NAL(c). Hmk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 14-19.

Week 7 10/23-10/28 (NB: Take good notes on Twain & Chopin for essay opportunities on fall term exam.)
  • Monday. Compose 40 min. AP Prompt on that requires knowledge of novel's exposition. More discussion on Huckleberry Finn; Hmk: Read 20-26.
  • Wednesday. Maybe view some more of Ken Burns DVD; More Huckleberry Finn discussion. Hmk: Read 27-33.
  • Thursday: Discuss Huck. hwk: read last chapters of Huck Finn.
  • Saturday. Discuss Twain's legacy. Review Twain and begin Multiple Choice work.

Week 8 10/33-11/4
  • Monday. Take Vocabulary Unit 4 quiz. Discuss Twain and Kate Chopin's and The Awakening. hwk: Read The Awakening in NAL(c) Chapters 1-11.
  • Wednesday. Discuss The Awakening in NAL(c) hwk: The Awakening in NAL(c) Chapter 12-22.
  • Thursday. in class The Awakening in NAL(c). Read The Awakening Chapters 23-34. Most importantly re-read the essay on how to compose the different types of AP Mult. Ch. questions using passages from The Awakening. Reflect how this is exam prep for our fall term exam as well as the future AP Exam. Here's a link to the handout: http://honors-english-iii-sa.wikispaces.com/AP+Exam
  • Saturday. Discuss The Awakening; look at Story of An Hour in class, too. hwk: Read Chapters 35-to the end of The Awakening. Exam reminder: you will compose three 40 min. essays; 1 hr. AP Style Mult. Ch. Total of three hours. Review texts and notes ahead of exam week.

Week 9 11/6-11/11
  • Monday. Take Elements of Style quiz (literary terms) in class. Discus the end of The Awakening. Hmk: Read Parts I and II of Daisy Miller with Foster in mind; look up Henry James in Foster's index. Also Read Story of an Hour. Create two different types of Multiple Choice questions. Revisit the "AP Exam" page on this wiki and reread the document that explains how to make an AP Multiple Choice style question.
  • Wednesday. Synthesize the end of The Awakening with Story of an Hour. hwk: Finish reading Daisy Miller, parts III and IV.
  • Thursday. Discuss “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c). Set up juxtaposition page of notes in your notebook for these four authors: Jewett, Chopin, Hawthorne, and Twain. hwk: Read Sarah Orne Jewett's "A White Heron" in NAL (c). and Susan Glaspel's Trifles in Volume D. Review notes for Exam.
  • Saturday. Discuss "A White Heron" and Trifles. Exam reminder: you will compose three 40 min. essays; 1 hr. AP Style Mult. Ch. Total of three hours. Review texts and notes ahead of exam week.

Week 10 Exam Week 11/14 Review; 11/15 Exam.
  • Our fall term exam will be similar in design to the AP Exam. It will have three essay that have to be composed in two hours; it will have an hour of multiple choice. The essays and multiple choice questions will involve authors of American literature. Location details to follow.

Archival material: Brainstorm a blog post in a word document that delineates what you think is an essential historic or cultural event or trend from 1623-1775 that American literary critics should know before coming up with a larger vision of the American character or American experience. Read quickly a small section online (for free) from these two books: (1) pp.1-7 from http://www.amazon.com/Voyage-Long-Strange-Conquistadors-Adventurers/dp/0312428324/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442148629&sr=1-1&keywords=a+voyage+long+and+strange (2) pp. 3-18 from http://www.amazon.com/Mayflower-Story-Courage-Community-War/dp/0143111973/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1442148868&sr=1-1&keywords=mayflower+by+nathaniel+philbrick