Honors English III 2012-13 (Always go by author and title as we might have different page numbers)

Week 1 9/10-9/15

  • Monday: Expecations; course overview; discuss the amount of reading; wiki/blog/email. click "comment" on the blog post and write 5-7 sentences in Standard English. Hmk for Tue: Start the blog homework first. Then star reading the handout or if you have Volume A these title and pages: Winthrop A Model of Christian Charity, pp.157-158; Bradstreet "Here Follows some Verses..." pp 212-213; Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands..." pp. 425-426; charts and text in Franklin's Autobiography,pp. 526-527, 528, 531; Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer, Letter III only, pp. 596-605.
  • Tuesday: Review blog comments. Preview parts of reading handout. Hmk for Wed: Read the handout or if you have Volume A these title and pages: Winthrop A Model of Christian Charity, pp.157-158; Bradstreet "Here Follows some Verses..." pp 212-213; Edwards, "Sinners in the Hands..." pp. 425-426; charts and text in Franklin's Autobiography,pp. 526-527, 528, 531; Crevecoeur, Letters from an American Farmer, Letter III only, pp. 596-605.
  • Wednesday: Academic Honesty; Early American literature; Community Text; Introduce Hawthorne. Review details about Friday's in-class writing assessment on Wait Till Next Year. Hmk: Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown, pp1289-1298 (Let's check page numbers if someone has the 8th edition).
  • Friday: Write forty Minute Handwritten Essay Assessment on Wait Till Next Year. Discuss Young Goodman Brown and Blog entries. Hmk: Read Chapters 1-8 of The Scarlet Letter, pp. 1377-1415. NB: you will not read The Custom House Chapter on your own; I will summarize this in class. Create blog comment (one person from each group) regarding our discussion on the Colonial era.
  • Saturday: Discuss The Scarlet Letter; American Romanticism. Explain Monday's Vocabulary Quiz. Work on how AP Questions are formed. Hmk: Read Chapters 9-17, of The Scarlet Letter, pp. 1415-1459.

Week 2 9/17-9/22
  • Tuesday: Vocabulary Assessment Unit 1; discuss The Scarlet Letter. Hmk: Read Chapters 18-end, of The Scarlet Letter, pp. 1459-1493.
  • Wednesday: Hmk: argue in a blog entry about the best AP free response topic for The Scarlet Letter.
  • Friday: Discuss The Scarlet Letter; American Romanticism. Work on The Scarlet Letter 4-6 page essay (due Sat. 9/29) Thoreau “Resistance to A Civil Government” in NAL(b): 1857-1872
  • Sat:Discuss Thoreau; American Transcendentalism. Read Walden in NAL (volume b), Chapter 1; review from Honors English I: Walden Chapter 2; Emerson's Self Reliance essay.

Week 3 9/24-9-29
  • Tuesday:discuss Walden and explain how AP multiple choice questions are created. Read Chapter 3, 16, 17 and 18. Create two AP style multiple choice questions for Walden.
  • Wednesday: Unit II Vocabulary Assessment Unit 2 discuss Walden. Hmk: Read Dickinson poems in NAL(b): # 214 "I Taste a Liquor", #324 "Some Keep the Sab.", #441 "This is my letter", #709 "Publication is the Auction", #1129 “Tell all the Truth…",
  • Friday: Discuss Dickinson, American Existentialism; poetic devices; the American Aunt for modern poetry. Hmk: Scarlet Letter paper due tomorrow in class. Read: #712 "Because I could not stop", #465 "I heard a fly buzz", #258 "There's a certain slant", #67"Success is counted sweetest", #280"I Felt a Funeral".
  • Sat: Hand in The Scarlet Letter paper. Discuss Dickinson, etc. Hmk: #249 "Wild Nights", #1624 "Apparently with no surprise", #216 "Safe in the Alabaster", #754 My Life had stood".

Week 4 10/1-10/6
  • Tuesday: Romanticism; Transcendentalism; Dickinson discussions in class. Read more Dickinson in NAL(b): #1732 My Life Close Twice; # 449 "I Died for Beauty; # 632 The Brain is Wider than the Sky. I will also consider poems of your choosing. Just email the class folder your selection.
  • Wednesday: Write 40 mintues essay on Dickinson poem in class. Introduce Whitman. Hmk: When Lilac Last, pp. 2282-2288; Song of Myself, p. 2210--2254. Bookmark this page and check out the information on this PBS show about Uncle Walt after your other work is completed: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/whitman/program/ Then click on this Youtube link that has a video portion that is no longer on the PBS page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOo4kqkhYag
  • Friday: Discuss Uncle Walt more! Hmk: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, pp. 2263-2267; Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking, pp. 2267-2272.
  • Sat. Voc. Quiz Unit 3. Discuss Whitman: Hmk: The Wound Dresser, A Noiseless Patient Spider; Song of Myself, section 51, 52. Work on your gravestone research and text.

Week 5 10/8-10/13 (Parents Weekend coming)
  • Tuesday: Discuss Whitman in NAL(b); peer review counter gravestone work. New plan b/c the Youtube gods conspire against us, we will replace the listening quiz with one blog prompt. See Blog Post on Whitman. Let's have everyone make a comment in 5-7 sentences by Sat. Oct. 13th. For Wed. read Herman Melville's Chapter One of Moby Dick. If you have time tonight, you may want to read ahead b/c Bartleby is long and complicated. http://digitalcrowsnest.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/connect-a-specific-line-from-whitman-to-the-pbs-film-2/
  • Wednesday: Discuss more Whitman with Melville. Hmk: read “Live Oak, with Moss” (II) p. 2296-2297. Read Melville's short story, Bartleby the Scirvner. Write two AP Multiple choice questions for Whitman's poem or Melville's first chapter or short story; keep these questions in a word document on your computer.
  • Friday: Figures of Speech Quiz. See word document w/all the terms for the year. Discuss Whitman/Melville. Review Mult. Choice questions; if they are good questions, we can make them blog promts.
  • Sat: no class; we'll have the blog prompt due today. Reading Hmk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) Intro – chapter 6. That's in Volume C edition.

Week 6 10/17-10/20
  • Tuesday of Long Weekend: read for realism, satire in Huckleberry Finn. hwk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 7-16.
  • Wed. PSATs : hwk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 7-16
  • Fri. S American Realism. Discuss Chapters 1-16. hwk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 17-20 . Plus Voc. hwk: Vocabulary Units #1-3 on Tue.
  • Sat. Discuss Chapters 17-20 of Huckleberry Finnin NAL(c); Ken Burns DVD.hwk: Huckleberry Finn in NAL(c) ch. 21-24; Vocabulary Units #1-3 on Tue

Week 7 10/22-10/27
  • Tue. Take Vocabulary Units 1-3 quiz in class. More discussion on Huckleberry Finn; Ken Burns DVD. Hmk: write an AP Writing prompt for the Huckleberry Finn.
  • Wed. Hand-in 40 min. writing prompt; More Huckleberry Finn and discussion. Read NAL(c); Ken Burns DVD.
  • Friday: Introduce Chopin. hwk: Finish Huck Finn. .
  • Sat. Discuss Wharton and The Awakening. Read The Awakening in NAL(c) Chapters 1-13. You can review the Mult. Ch. handouts and reflect on this style of questioning. Exam reminder: you will compose three 40 min. essays; 1 hr. AP Style Mult. Ch. Total of three hours. Review texts and notes ahead of exam week.

Week 8 10/29-11/3
  • Tue. Discuss Kate Chopin's and The Awakening. hwk: Read The Awakening in NAL(c) Chapters 14-25.
  • Wed. Discuss The Awakening in NAL(c) hwk: The Awakening in NAL(c) Chapter 25--(end)
  • Fri. The Awakening in NAL(c). Complete the final touches on your Gravestone article. Most importantly re-read the essay on how to compose the different types of AP Mult. Ch. questions. Reflect how this is exam prep and preparation for writing Mult.Ch. AP style questions on The Awakening. Recall we passed this handout early in the term. Here's a link to the handout: http://honors-english-iii-sa.wikispaces.com/AP+Exam

  • Sat; Vocabulary 4 Quiz. Discuss The Awakening more. hwk: create two types of Mult. Ch. Questions on Story of an Hour; write a small paragraph after each question explaining the "type" of ETS question you created. I will give these submissions a homework grade; prepare for Literary Styles quiz.

Week 9 11/5-11/10
  • Tue. . Introduce James; “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c) hwk: Vocabulary Unit #5 preparation; “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c) p. 391-409. Also reread section of Daisy Miller in Foster's How to Analyze Literature....
  • Wed. Quiz: Literary Styles Terms. “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c) (discuss a la Foster) hwk: “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c) pp. 409-429
  • Fri. Discuss “Daisy Miller” in NAL (c) hwk: Trifles in NAL(d) pp. 1412-1421; "A White Heron, NAL (c) pp. 522-529.
  • Sat. Vocabulary Quiz Unit 5. Discuss Trifles in NAL(d) hwk: Review notes for Exam

Week 10 11/12-11/16 Exam Week
  • Our fall term exam will be similar in design to the AP Exam. It will have three essay that have to be composed in two hours; it will have an hour of multiple choice. The essays and multiple choice questions will involve authors of American literature.