Click on these pdf pages from the Harford Burial Ground broshure. Page Four is perhaps the best place to start. From Page Four, you can try to locate your gravestone into one of the historic eras: plain style, "Death's Head," "Winged Cherub/Angel's Head," or Neoclassical. We are all writing individual articles because some plain style stones have a little detail, and some Angel Head stones require specific interpretation in terms of what type of expression is on the face: fearsome, sober or smiling one?

Let's use these links to help understand more about our individual gravestones. I found these good links from the Longmeadow burial ground site:

Here is another good book that we have in the library as well:

Graven images : New England stonecarving and its symbols, 1650-1815 Here's the link on Google Books:

Our local historical society is a good resrouce: