A major exploration of the work of any American poet of the Modern literary era.

Basically, what you are to explore and write about is what the poet does, how he or she does it, and how well he or she does it.


1. Meet the step by step due dates outline on syllabus. Failure to do so will adversely affect your grade each time it happens.
2. Have one critical source from a scholarly source this junior year. Your senior term paper will have you use multiple sources.
3. Correct and complete citations. Many questions can be answered here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/
4. Detailed examination of three representative poems as an organic part of the paper. Only one poem may be present in detail in the critical source. Utilize this carefully selected article to examine a few other poems by your poet that are not analyzed in the article. Therefore, understanding in depth the critic's thesis will enable you to mimic his/her analysis or take issue with it when you examine other poems in your paper.

1. That there will be references to a number of poems beyond that three that are closely examined.

2. That there will NOT be a biography of the poet in the paper, but that the paper will demonstrate enough knowledge of the poet's biography to reflect how much the facts of when, where and how he or she lived may have impacted his or her work. Demonstrate expertise.

3. That the paper will NOT be a recapitulation of the critic's views of the poet, but that it will have used the views of the critic to synthesize your own ideas. The article will guide your analysis similar to Foster's literary criticism.

4. That the paper will be 6 typed pages with additional title page, and bibliography. Paper must follow Suffield Academy department format. Poems must be copied in full and attached to the paper (not in the 6 page count!).

5. That the paper will have been carefully proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. You will use copious evidence from the poems in your analysis but avoid block quotations.

6. That the paper will have something intelligent to say and will say it well enough to keep the reader interested.