Honors English III Spring 2015

Goals for the first week: Set goals for spring term. Remember Literary Forms unit from winter term. hw: Review Literary Terms Drama terms. Start reading poetry for fun. Change your mindset about long papers. Make this term paper a fun paper! Explain Biblical Allusions blog posts/presentations after we get a tally for SAT/ACTs. Reflect on our PQP protocol for peer review with our blog posts. Revisit your risk book!

Week 1
3/30, Mon: Start explaining above goals. Review Poetry Mult. Choice. HW: Print proposed literary criticism article on your poet.
4/1, Wed: Introduce Modern Poetry Unit/Paper. Celebrate benefits of learning and becoming an expert (now that you're Foster expert, too!) on one poet. HW: Read Act I and II of Dr. Fautus.
4/3, Fri: Discuss Marlowe and text. HW: Read Dr. Faustus, Acts 3-5. Review Literary Terms and Drama Terms for upcoming quiz.
4/5, Sat: Take Literary Terms Drama Quiz. Review Dr. Faustus; introduce Hamlet. HW: Read Act I of Hamlet.

Week 2 (Time management note: work on term paper in chuncks as this week's pace for Hamlet is consistent.)
4/6 Mon: In a journal entry somewhere, declare a passion for your poet! Discuss Act I of Hamlet. HW: Read Act II of Hamlet.
4/8, Wed: Discuss Act II of Hamlet. HW: Read Act III of Hamlet.
4/10, Fri: Discuss Hamlet Act III. HW: Read Act IV of Hamlet.
4/11, Sat: Vocabulary Quiz Units 1-9. Discuss Hamlet Act IV. HW: write Hamlet soliloquy prompt for homework; prepare for Unit 10.

Week 3
4/13, Mon: Vocabulary Quiz Unit 10. Hand in soliloquy prompt. Discuss Act IV more and pre-view Act V of Hamlet. HW: read Act V. of Hamlet.
4/15, Wed: Discuss Act V. Prepare for Friday's 40 Minute in-class AP stlye prompt on Hamlet, (the whole play). hw: Review Hamlet; work on research paper.
4/17, Fri: Write in-class 40 Minute AP style Prompt. You should be very close to deciding upon the poems that you will use in your paper. HW: start reading Act I of Death of a Salesman in Volume E.
4/18, Sat: (please email me individually if you are taking the ACTs this day) discuss Death of a Salesman; we will use a blog post to help test-takers follow our discussion. Hmk: Read Act I of Death of a Salesman (or at least the first third of the play). Work on term paper.

Week 4 (Parents Weekend)
4/20, Mon: Discuss first third of Death of a Salesman. Take Vocabulary Quiz 11. You have finalized the poems that you will examine in your term paper (email me this list by start of class). HW: Read Act II of Death of a Salesman (or at least 2/3 of whole text, by the end of p. 280). Work on research paper and organic outline.
4/22, Wed: Check-in on term paper progress. Email me organic outline of research paper, which will essentially show how you will explicate your poems and exploit literary criticism. Discuss and view scenes of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, in Volume E. HW: Finish reading Act II and Requiem of Death of a Salesman (or at leastwhole text). Now just work on research paper.
4/24, Fri: Discuss and view scenes of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: work on term paper and prepare for AP Exam.
4/25, Sat: Special Advisor meetings with Parents.

Week 5 (midterm grades calculated )
4/27, Mon: No class b/c of long weekend. Email me by Tuesday 8pm a very polished draft of your thesis statement for the term paper.
4/29, Wed: Discuss how to create Biblical Allusions blog post. Show me your research paper progress; this will be an ungraded check-in. HW: Work on Biblical Allusion blog posts.
5/1, Fri: Check Term Paper progress more as it might extend from previous class. Discuss AP Exam. HW: PQP on Biblical Allusion blog posts. Also review handouts, terms, works for AP Exam; work on Poetry Term Paper.
5/2, Sat: (please email me individually by 4/28 if you are taking the SATs this day) Work on Term Paper and do more AP Exam review. hw: Review for AP Exam & Poetry Term Paper.

Week 6
5/4, Mon: Review more AP Exam materials. HW: Prepare for AP and get a good night's sleep!
5/6, Wed: The 2015 AP English Literature exam. hw: work on research paper.
5/8, Fri: Bring Macbeth Check-in with research paper. hw: work on reserach paper; start reading Act I of Macbeth.
5/9, Sat: Bring Macbeth to class and go over Act I together. HW: Work on poetry paper. Read Act I of Macbeth and prepare for Unit 12 Voc. Quiz.

Week 7
5/11, Mon: Take Vocabulary Unit #12 QUIZ. Discuss Act I and introduce Act II. HW: Finish Act II of Macbeth and polish research paper.
5/13, Wed: Poetry Paper due in class. Discuss Act II. Explain blog post to launch presentation about term paper poet. HW: Read Acts III & IV of Macbeth. Reflect on those blog posts.
5/15: Fri: Discuss Macbeth Act III & IV. HW: Finish Macbeth, Act V, and post your blog post on your term paper poet by Sat's class.
5/16, Sat:Discuss Macbeth Act V. Begin evaluating blog posts and begin PQP process on blog posts. hw: PQP on the blog as well as read Flannery O'Connor's short story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find." in our Norton Anthology.

Week 8
5/18, Prom Mon: Poetry Presentations based on blog posts. Discuss O'Connor's short story.
hw: Vocabulary Units #1-12, sections of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which we will explain in class.
5/20, Wed: Take Vocabulary Units #1-12 Bring Tempest to class and Poetry Presentations of Blog Posts.
hw: Poetry presentations; review works from the year for exam essay.
5/22, Fri: Enjoy Graduation (as you have one year to go before you ring The Bell.)
5/23, Sat: Follow the spring 2015 exam schedule from here to the end of school. History Office Hours, 11:30-12:30pm; History Exam 1pm. English Review 5-6pm on the same Saturday.

5/24: Sunday: Spring Term Exam at 1pm. English Office Hours (in the Crowsnest--our classroom for the uninitiated) will be on the same day, Sunday, 5/24, from 11:30-12:30pm.
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