Honors English III Spring 2018

Goals for the first week: Understand the design of the spring term. Remember Literary Forms units from fall and winter terms. Start reading poetry for fun (mindset adjustment). Also change your mindset about long papers. Make this term paper a fun paper! Explain Biblical Allusions blog posts/presentations. Reflect on our PQP protocol for peer review with our future blog posts on individual Biblical Allusions. Did I mention Blooms Taxonomy anywhere along the line? Look for it next to your image of a Growth Mindset. Remember, metacognition is the gift that keeps on giving! https://digitalcrowsnest.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/pqp-protocol-for-peer-review/

Week 1
3/28, Tues: Start explaining above goals. Reflect on modernism and modern poetry. Review Poetry Mult. Choice assessment. HW: Prepare for drama literary terms quiz; print proposed literary criticism article on your poet; start Dr. Fautus for fun.
3/30, Thur: Introduce Modern Poetry Unit/Paper. Celebrate benefits of learning and becoming an expert (now that you're Foster expert, too!) on one poet. Take Literary Terms Drama Quiz. HW: Read Act I and II of Dr. Fautus.
3/31, Fri: Discuss Marlowe and text. HW: Read Dr. Faustus, Acts III, IV, and V.

Week 2 (Time management note: work on term paper in chunks as this week's pace for Hamlet is consistent.)
4/3 Mon: Vocabulary Quiz Units 1-9. In a journal entry somewhere, declare a passion for your poet! Discuss Marlowe; introduce Hamlet. HW: Read Act I of Hamlet.
4/4, Tues: Discuss Act II of Hamlet. HW: Read Act II of Hamlet.
4/6, Thur: Discuss Hamlet Act III. HW: Read Act III of Hamlet.
4/7, Fri: Discuss Hamlet. HW: Read Act IV and prepare to write Hamlet soliloquy prompt in-class on Tuesday. Prepare for Unit 10 in future.

Week 3
4/10, Mon: Discuss Act IV. Discuss and pre-view Act V of Hamlet. HW: prepare to write Hamlet soliloquy prompt in-class on Wed.
4/11, Tues: .Write 40 minutes AP style prompt on one of Hamlet's soliloquies. Continuing discussing play. Read Act V and prepare for Sat's 40 Minute in-class AP style prompt on Hamlet, (the whole play); keep on working on research paper.
4/13, Thur: Vocabulary Quiz Unit 10. You should be very close to deciding upon the poems that you will use in your paper. HW: Prepare for Hamlet in-class essay on Friday.
4/14, Fri: Write in-class 40 Minute AP style Prompt. Preview Death of a Salesman. Hmk: Read Act I of Death of a Salesman (or at least the first third of the play). Work on term paper.

Week 4 (Parents Weekend closes the week)
4/17, Mon: Discuss first section (20-25 pages) of Death of a Salesman. You have finalized the poems that you will examine in your term paper (email me this list by start of class). HW: Read at least to the end of Act I; you can read more of Death of a Salesman; pace yourself to finish the play for Friday's class. Work on research paper and organic outline.
4/18, Tues: Take Vocabulary Quiz 11 Check-in on term paper progress. Email me organic outline of research paper, which will essentially show how you will explicate your poems and exploit literary criticism. Again, as with all of these term paper moments, these calendar events are in place to help you keep up a good working pace. I will not have time to give thorough feedback. That said, I can discuss your paper with you at any time, but at these check-in moments, the goal is to keep everyone on track and moving forward. In the spirit cultivating a growth mindset moment, my main concern is to make sure that everyone is productively using their literary criticism to benefit their final analysis. Discuss and view scenes of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, in Volume E. HW: Finish reading Act II and Requiem of Death of a Salesman (or at least the whole text). Now just work on research paper.
4/20, Thur: Discuss and view scenes of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: work on term paper and prepare for AP Exam.
4/21, Fri: Discuss and view scenes of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: work on term paper and prepare for AP Exam.
4/22, Sat: Special Advisor meetings with Parents.

Week 5 (midterm grades calculated by Tues, 4/25)
4/24, Mon: Extended weekend.
4/25, Tues: We will check-in with your brainstorm about your Biblical Allusion Post. Show me in class your thesis statement. This should be a polished draft of your thesis statement as it exists now for the term paper; this is more for you and your pace than it is for me giving your feedback. We'll also review more passages of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: create a draft in a word document of your Biblical Allusion post; 8-11 sentences.
4/27, Thur: Discuss how to create Biblical Allusions blog post. As we might not have time in Tuesday's class, continue to show me your research paper progress; this will be an ungraded check-in. HW: Work on Biblical Allusion blog posts.
heck Term Paper progress more as it might extend from previous class. Discuss AP Exam.
4/28, Fri: Work on Term Paper and do more AP Exam review. HW: PQP on Biblical Allusion blog posts. Also review handouts, terms, works for AP Exam; work on Poetry Term Paper. Review for AP Exam materials and prepare with your own strategy in mind.

Week 6 (The AP Exam is on May 3rd)
5/1, Mon: Review more AP Exam materials. HW: Prepare for AP and get a good night's sleep!
5/2, Tues: Review more AP Exam Materials. HW: Prepare for AP and get a good night's sleep!
5/3, Wed: The 2017 AP English Literature exam. hw: work on research paper.
5/4, Thur: Bring Macbeth Check-in with research paper. hw: work on reserach paper; start reading Act I of Macbeth.
5/5, Fri: Bring Macbeth to class and go over Act I together. HW: Work on poetry paper. Read Act II of Macbeth and prepare for Unit 12 Voc. Quiz.

Week 7
5/8, Mon: Discuss Act II and introduce Act III. HW: Read Act III of Macbeth and work on research paper.
5/9, Tues: Discuss Act III. Explain blog post to launch presentation about term paper poet. HW: Read Acts IV of Macbeth.
5/11: Thur: Discuss Macbeth Act IV. HW: Finish Macbeth, Act V, and post your blog post on your term paper poet by Sat's class.
5/12: Fri: Discuss Macbeth Act V. Begin evaluating blog posts and begin PQP process on blog posts. hw: PQP on the blog as well as read William Faulkner's short story, "A Rose for Emily" in our Norton Anthology.

Week 8
5/15, Mon: Poetry Paper due in class. This date is firm. Poetry Presentations based on blog posts will begin this week; more details to follow. Read Flannery O'Connor's short story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find." in our Norton Anthology.
5/16, Tues: Take Vocabulary Unit #12. Discuss O'Connor's short story. Poetry Presentations of Blog Posts works continues in class.
hw: Poetry presentations; reflective work regarding our year's journey through American literature continues.
5/18, Thur: Take Vocabulary Units #1-12 QUIZ. Short Story work in Modern American literature; blog posts; catching up on Miller's Death of a Salesman. Read Kim Edwards' Story of My Life.
5/19, Fri: Short Story work in Modern American literature; blog posts; catching up on Miller's Death of a Salesman.

Week 9 NB: Prom is Sunday, 5/21/17 Have fun and be safe!
5/22, Mon Post Prom: Work on poetry (Your term paper poet) blog posts. Discuss Kim Edwards & O'Connor's short stories.
hw: Polish draft of poetry blog post. Small sections of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which we will explain in class.
5/23, Tue: Bring Norton Volume to class (we will decide which one based on your reflective experiences) and Poetry Presentations of Blog Posts.
hw: Poetry presentations; review works from the year for reflective exercises.
5/25, Fri: Enjoy Graduation (as you have one year to go before you ring The Bell.)
5/26, Sat: Follow the spring exam schedule from here to the end of school. Good luck on your other exams.

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