We will follow these motifs (patterns) throughout our reading.

Realism: Huck's authentic voice most important element in this era. Transfer all that we learned about Realism to Twain.

Secret Plot, which will get us shot? Does this involve all the issues with father and sons? How will we find this secret plot? Are there signifyers to help us follow this "track" throughout the novel?

Satire: lage canvass here because Twain was so complex. Let's start with Romanticism, Hawthorne, Shakespeare, guns, violence, regional culture, and organized religion. ps: there's more!

We should be mindful that this is a picaresque narrative. James Bond is our best examples of this character.

Moreover, we have a slave narrative in effect here. In fact, Jim is depicted as a father figure to Huck as well as a grieving father and husband to his own family. The more Twain shows the reader Jim's humanity, the more he penetrates through the mindset of a nineteenth century idea of thinking of a slave like Jim as an "other" figure.