Honors English III
Spring 2014

Week 1
To do: Choose Biblical Allusion presentation dates for blog. Set goals for spring term. Work together in class on Literary Forms unit from winter term.
hw: Review Literary Terms Drama terms and Literary Forms unit from winter term. Start reading poetry for fun. Change your mindset about long papers. Make this term paper fun paper! Explain Biblical Allusions Presentation.
3/27, Thur. Review Literary Terms and Drama Terms for upcoming quizzes; Introduce Modern Poetry Unit
hw: review Bible
3/28, Fri. Quiz: Biblical Allusions Quiz Introduce Dr. Faustus. hw: Dr. Faustus Acts 1 & 2. Literary Terms Drama QUIZ on Monday. Choose poet(s) for poetry term paper by Monday; email me if you know ahead.

Week 2
3/31 Mon. Declare your poet! Literary Terms Drama QUIZ. Introduce Dr. Faustus Acts 1-2. Discus the end of the play, too.
hw: read Dr. Faustus Acts 3-5. Vocab Units 1-9 quiz on Thursday.
4/1, Tue. Wrap up Dr. Faustus. Library Day. hw: Hamlet Act I
4/3, Thur. Vocab Unit 1-9 QUIZ. Discuss Hamlet Act I. hw: Hamlet Act II
4/4, Fri. Discuss Hamlet Act II; hw: Hamlet Act III.

Week 3
4/7, Mon. Go to Earth Day activities. Or share Poetry Research (critical article) in a seminar style. If we have class, we will discuss Act I and II more.
hw: Read Act III
4/8, Tue. Disucss. Act III; hmk read Act IV
hw: Review Hamlet; work on research paper.
4/10, Bring copy of your critical article for term paper. Thur. More discussion of Hamlet, Act IV. Biblical presentation #1. hw: read Act V; settle on the poems that you will use in your paper
4/11, Fri. discuss Act V. Hmk: prepare for Monday's prompt. Work on term paper & Biblical allusion work.

Week 4
4/14, Mon. Write AP prompt on Hamlet (prepare for whole play) in class List of poems due-printed on Thur. 4/17.
show critical article; hw: prepare for Vocabulary Unit #10. Work on Blog Post of Biblical Allusions. Blog post
4/15, Tue. You have finalized the poems that you will examine in your term paper (email me this list by start of class). Check-in on term paper progress. Read pp.238-268 of Death of a Salesman, Vol. E.
4/17, Thur. Vocabulary Unit #10 QUIZ. Discuss the opening 30 pages of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: read pp. 268-286 of Death of a Salesman, Vol. E.
4/18, Fri. Discuss Death of a Salesman; hw: Outline poetry paper (outline due Saturday, 4/25/14 at 11am; or hand/email me one sooner.); read to the end of Death of a Salesman.

Week 5 (midterm grades calculated this week)
4/21, Mon. Email me your Thesis Statement for the term paper. Write 40 AP style prompt on Death of a Salesman.
4/22, Tue. Discuss and view movie of Death of a Salesman. Hmk: be productive for the college fair.
4/24, Thur. Check Term Paper progress; discuss Death of a Salesman. Modern poetry which we will pick together in Volume E.
hw: Review handouts, terms, works for AP; work on Poetry Term Paper.
4/25, Fri. Parents Weekend Sat; special schedule; hw: Poetry Term Paper. Please email me your outline (one page) by 11am on Saturday, April 26th. (Ingredients: major elements of paper and poems used. You can create it in your own fashion; just be consistent.)

Week 6
4/28 Mon. No class b/c of long weekend.
4/29, Tue. Discuss more Biblical Allusions (Reflect on our PQP protocol for peer review with our blog posts).
hw: Review handouts, terms, works for AP. Vocabulary unit #11 on Thursday.
5/1, Thur: Vocabulary Unit #11 QUIZ. AP prep in class after voc quiz. hwk: Poetry paper;
5/2, AP Prep work in class. Work on poetry paper; review AP terms, handouts; prepare for Unit 12 Voc. Quiz.

Week 7
5/5, Mon. Take Vocabulary unit #12 QUIZ. AP Help, open questions, etc. hmk: prepare for AP exam.
5/6, Tue. Prepare for AP and get a good night's sleep!
5/8 AP English Literature exam. Class will be in the Crowsnest during G.
5/9, Friday: Poetry Paper due in class. Bring Macbeth text to class. Time management goal: hand in paper copy in class on Friday.
hw: Poetry presentations; read Act I of Macbeth.

Week 8
5/12, Mon. Poetry Presentations Lit. terms -logical fallacies QUIZ
hw: Vocabulary Units #1-12, MacBeth II
5/13, Tue. MacBeth I and Poetry Presentations
hw: Poetry presentations; review works from the year for exam essay. MacBeth, III-IV
5/15, Thur. Vocabulary #1-12 Quiz. Poetry Presentations. Macbeth discussion.
hw: Poetry presentations; review works from the year for exam essay. MacBeth V
5/16, Fri. L Macbeth discussion. Poetry Presentations
hw: PROM

Week 9
5/19, Mon. Poetry Presentations, MacBeth discussion.
5/20, Tue. Poetry Presentations;
5/22, Thur. B.A. presentation make-ups; Poetry Presentations;
5/23, Friday: Graduation
5/24, Exam Review. Yes, we will use the exam period to be the opportunity for you to create a meaingful essay where you synthesize a motif (Foster pattern) throughout three centuries of American literary art.
Bible Ans